Decide where you want to go

  • Warm or cool
  • Beach or touristic

Decide length of trip

  • 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month

Research your costs

  • This might affect where and how long your trip will be
  • Do you want to backpack, stay in B&B, or stay in luxury hotels
  • Are there going to be attractions to pay for
  • Are you eating in restaurants or making some of your own meals

Start saving money

  • Write down daily expenses and adjust – small adjustments add up and small purchases add up (i.e. bottle of water, snacks, coffee)
    Example: $2000 trip in 8 months – save $8.33 per day that
    is $56/wk
  • Open a TFSA account and do a weekly PAC for the amount you need to save (add a little for savings too while you are at it).

Stay Focused and Inspired

  • Post a picture of your destination at work or on your fridge
  • Pin it on Interest

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