Our Mission

With You Every Step Of The Way. We want to encourage you to take care of your money. As a team, we will participate actively while you enjoy a stress-free climb to reach your goals.

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Our Team Of Professionals

At B&A Financial Group we aim to work closely with our clients, to identify their financial struggles, goals, and aspirations. Meet our team.

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Our Process

We are committed to help you evaluate your financial planning needs and choose the best solutions for your personal situation.  Whatever your needs, we offer access to the highest quality products at competitive rates.

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Services We Provide


Our Process

We are committed to help you evaluate your financial planning needs and choose the best solutions for your personal situation. Whatever your needs, we offer access to the highest quality products at competitive rates.

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Investments are a vehicle to help investors get to where they want to be. It’s about managing risk that delivers today over the long term. Depending on the dealer with which they are registered and their industry proficiency,

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Estate Planning

In today’s world, the need for estate planning is increasing. In working with an advisory who has access to a variety of estate planning and trust services, the planning is effortless.

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iA Private Wealth

Please contact our IIROC advisor for further information. Investment Advisor, iA Private Wealth, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. Insurance Advisor, Hollis Insurance

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Personal Insurance

Our purpose is to provide our clients with a product to elevate risks Our advisors specialize in the appropriate strategies to protect you and your family. We are here to assist in arranging your ordinarily transition to your next generation.

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About Us

Our Mission

We want to encourage you to take care of your money. As a team, we will participate actively while you enjoy a stress-free climb to reach your goals.

We will be by your side helping you make smart choices so you can feel comfortable and secure every step of the way.

Whether it’s wealth planning to achieve your financial goals, tax or estate advice, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that is tailored to your needs.

Our world class financial coaches will make themselves available for a free no obligation consultation.

Get started with your money trainer! Your coaches are ready.

Client Profiles

  • Professional

    A client who feels that they don't have the time and/or knowledge to effectively manage their's or their families investment portfolio. Their financial wealth has grown from regular savings, group plans, option programs, and bonus pay outs.
  • Retiree

    A client that is almost approaching 10 years from their retirement. Their savings is a combination of registered and non-registered accounts. Their focus is retaining their current income levels for the future.
  • Estate Wealth

    New found financial wealth via inheritance, winnings, or insurance claim. Someone who has increased their financial wealth by selling a business or property
  • Business Owner

    Transitioning from running their own enterprise to monetizing their retirement and lifestyle-- materializing most important assets
  • Widow/Widower/Divorcee

    Someone who has recently lost a partner  and is going through a transition period  and is now managing a changed portfolio.   They are looking for guidance  and coaching in making their own financial decisions.

We want our clients to have a unique experience with a team of professionals, focused on building their dreams.

Phil Boland & Michelle ApollinaroManaging Partners of B&A Financial Group

Clients’ Testimonials

  • Dear Phil, Thank you for your involvement in the sale of our home and the purchase of our condo. We greatly appreciate your professionalism, knowledge, understanding and support through the process. We are also exrtremely grateful for the time you took to explain everything in detail to ensure that we understood all aspects of the often times overwhelming and complex process (and the meaning of all those big numbers too). Thanks

    Vivian & Leo
  • Thank you to Phil & Michelle, you are wonderful advisers and we appreciate every advice and direction given to us with regards to our RSP and our 3 boys RESP. Look forward to retiring with you.

    Patrizio Lucci
  • Dear Phil,
    This card is well over due in my mind! For all the times you came to our home(s), discussed, explained, listened to our concerns and offered constructive advice; Thank you!
    I would like to say that we really appreciate your financial counsel, however we appreciate you more as a person and friend. Grace and peace to you and your family!

    Michelle P
  • My husband and I are extremely happy with your services. WE like the fact that you are knowledgeable and attentive to all our needs. We have had a few financial planners in the past but once we started using you, we realized what a good financial planner is supposed to do.

    Michelle C
  • Dear Phil,
    It is a pleasure for me to share with others the exceptional advice and support you have given me over the last several years in terms of my investments. I have found your advice sound and, looking back, the most advantageous for me personally. You have an ability to make a client feel that you have their best interests aa heart and the work you have done for me, in particular related to major decisions that had to be made as part of my retirement plan, has been well researched, well explained and competently managed.
    I also appreciate that you contact me periodically and are willing to sit down face to face to explain things, check how I am doing, readjust my portfolio o when required, and answer any questions I may have. Thank you for your ongoing work on my behalf.

    John E.
  • Phil has been our financial advisor for approximately 3 years now. We have been extremely satisfied with his services. We are especially impressed with Phil’s holistic approach to managing the client financial situation. For example, he not only looks at things like savings, investments, debt and retirement but also recommends and encourages you to have a will and Power of Attorney in place and up to date. I never expected this from a financial advisor. I as very happy that he encourages us to do that and would not hesitate to recommend him as a financial advisor and in fact, already have to some of our friends.

    Michelle M
  • Wanted to pass on the good news, finally. THE MORTGAGE IS PAID. Thank you for all your help in getting us there, it is sincerely appreciated.

    Kathie & Joe
  • I had no idea what types of insurance policies were available, and Phil helped me select the best one for my lifestyle. He made choosing a policy easy as he walked me through all the details and the fine print.

    Susan L
  • Michelle has been a huge benefit and resource to my family, in assisting us in our financial journey. Her positive but realistic approach to budgeting, planning, investing and recognizing “life’s curve balls” has seen us through many of milestones. She is knowledgeable, accessible and pragmatic, with a keen sense of direction and recognition of market trends and results. We are in good hands, with Michelle, and have benefited from her both her expertise and demeanor, which has given us the knowledge and support to long term financial stability and a future to look forward to

    Cathy S
  • Anytime I have questions, I can call Michelle up like a financial therapist and she takes the time to explain the markets and takes the stress out of the financial worry we all have and then the stress out of my life. Thank you for being my therapist!

    Maria L
  • Thank you to Phil & Michelle, you are wonderful advisors and we appreciate every advice and direction given to us with regards to our RSP and our 3 boys RESP. Look forward to retiring with you.

    Patrizio L
  • Bernard has done a great job of helping me achieve my financial goals by getting to know me and personalizing the investment experience.

    David M.
  • I highly recommend Bernard. Very professional and prompt when it comes to answering my inquiries. His knowledge and experience in the financial industry allows him to keep me up to date as a client.

    Jimmy B.
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Bernard Szeto for over 5 years, his service and insight have been invaluable to understanding and navigating investments/insurance. Bernard’s passionate approach coupled with disciplined set processes creates an enhanced client experience. Whether you’re a goals based investor or are in retirement planning I would strongly recommend speaking to Bernard in regards to your wealth management needs. His approach to wealth management is sound and his commitment to his clients is exemplary

    Myu P.
  • Phil had suggested I set up and Registered Education Savings Plan for my children when they were young. Time just flew by and am now happy to share that I put both children through University only using the proceeds from the RESP!

    Thank you, B&A Financial Group!!!!

  • I had mentioned to Phil that I would love to get rid of my mortgage faster. I told him the rate my bank was giving me. He immediately picked up the phone to speak to one of his contacts. His contact allowed me to renew my mortgage earlier and at a lower mortgage rate than my own bank, saving me thousands of dollars!

    Thank you

    Phil. M.L
  • Michelle helped me figure out how much I need to be able to retire.

    I now know the age I can retire, the monthly amount needed to be able to live, and how long my retirement savings will last me! I feel more secure have long term care insurance in case I should need it too. Thank you for your guidance and knowledge

    Michelle E.M
  • When I lost my job, Phil and his highly skilled team was there to guide me. I found out that I was able to continue my health and dental benefits I was so worried about losing

  • Who figured, that starting a monthly investment into my RSP & TFSA would allow me to retire earlier than I thought. Thank you, B&A Financial Group for your guidance, patience, and knowledge!

  • I was not aware that I could move my pension from my previous employer and invest into a product with a variety of options tailored to my needs. Thank you, Michelle Apollinaro and her team!

  • I wanted to get into real estate market but could not afford it. Bernard provided me with options I didn’t know existed and now own real estate. Thank you for all you’ve done for me and my family Bernard.

  • I have my own business and Phil helped me figure out how to protect the business, my staff, and myself with investment & insurance options tailored to my needs. I now can run my business feeling more secure and confident if something goes wrong that I will have a safety net. Thank you, B&A Financial Group.

  • I am a quiet, shy person who didn’t know the first thing about investments and found it so intimidating. I was so glad I was referred to Phil as he made me feel comfortable. He spoke to me in a way that was easy to understand and was patient when I didn’t. I am grateful that he spent the time teaching me on how to be able to achieve my goals. I feel more in control now and am on my way to achieve my retirement goals sooner because of him. Sincerest thank you.

  • Thank you, Maria, for helping me work through a part of such a changing and difficult process in this new chapter of my life. It really means the world to me and I feel so much better. Thank you so much! I appreciate that I have found a wonderful friend as well as a wonderful financial advisor.


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