It is a different time in the World today. Things are evolving and changing, during this time of self-isolation and social distancing, we should reflect on how we can make a difference now and after this pandemic is over and the doors open once again.

1. Focus on Others
Expand your connection with others and focusing on helping them transform their negatives into positives. The more you contribute in this fashion, the less you will worry about your own situation. You will become a source of confidence for everyone else.

2. Focus on Your Relationships
On deepening the power and possibility of all your relationships – with family, friends, and neighbors.

3. Focus on creating value
Solutions that help them eliminate the dangers, capture the opportunities, and reinforce strengths.

4. Focus on your opportunities
Using new ideas, new energies, new tools, and new resources. As the world changes, opportunities suddenly become available to achieve far more than you ever did in the past.

5. Focus on your progress
In your mind, your spirit, and your character. Treat this whole period of challenge as a time when you can make your greatest progress as a human being.

6. Focus on today
What you can do over the course of each 24 hours.

7. Focus on who you can be
Take advantage of external confusions to become self directed, self-managed, and self-motivated.

8. Focus on your responses
Anytime there is fear, uncertainty, or discomfort, it’s an excellent time to focus you being creatively responsive to all the unpredictable events that lie ahead.

9. Focus on what is available
Take advantage of every resource that is immediately available in order to achieve a small result and make as much daily progress as possible.

10. Focus on your gratitude
Focus on everything you are grateful for, communicate this, and open yourself each day to the best possible consequences.

Remember, we are all in this together and we are a great energy source when we combine our resources.

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